WebDAV/CardDAV support!

Posted on February 6, 2021 by Scott

Initial WebDAV/CardDAV support is here! Check out the docs to learn more, but the basic gist is that you can now use Purelymail to sync your contacts and as a basic filestore.

(This feature is admittedly slightly outside the mandate of the service implied by the name Purelymail, but in practice people often use contacts and email tightly together.)

A 2020 Recap

Despite the lack of update posts here (my bad; in my defense it was a bit of a crazy year), 2020 wasn’t an idle year for Purelymail. Since my last update we:

  • Added a bunch of documentation.
  • Added the mail porting tool
  • Added a trial mode
  • Improved our Stripe (payments) support
  • Password reset got some improvements: You can now have an arbitrary number of password reset methods, and choose whether or not they can reset two-factor authentication. We also added some helpful warnings on save.
  • Previously mail headers showed the original IP the mail was sent from; this was removed for enhanced privacy.

Plus, of course, hundreds of internal bug fixes and refactors to give us a solid base to code forward from. And code forward we shall!