We're hard at work!

Posted on March 2, 2019 by Scott

Hi there!

This blog means to give you a glimpse into what we’ve been working on, and explain any changes we make as we develop the Purelymail service.

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Now, onto the changes we’ve been rolling out over the past few days. Right now, a lot of what we’re working on for the beta is bug fixes and polish.

  • Some of our forms weren’t handling mixed case email addresses well (e.g. User@purelymail.com versus user@purelymail.com), leading to confusing errors like “this user does not exist” when they actually did. Forms should now accept whatever casing you happen to use with your email address.
  • We launched with support for IDLE notifications, which basically allow servers to send new emails your way the moment they arrive. Unfortunately, it was a bit buggy before now, and you’d only correctly receive those notifications about half the time. Now they should be fixed!
  • Received email pricing has changed! It went from $0.23 per 1000 to $0.03 per 1000. The previous price did not accurately reflect estimated cost.
  • We’ve increased the lifetime of a Roundcube session after you close your browser tab without logging out. Previously it was ten minutes, now it’s about a week. So long as you check your webmail once a week or so, you won’t need to log in again.
    • This does have security implications if an attacker compromises your browser. But in the modern world, if an attacker gets control of your browser, they have access to your password manager too. (You are using a password manager and a nice, secure password right?)
    • For comparison, Gmail appears to have a logout period of about a month.
  • There’s a new pricing calculator on the pricing page! It should help make pricing a bit less opaque.

What we’re working on now is documentation and info for our site. This was very sparse at launch, and we’d like to clear up any confusion about pricing or features.

For the future, we’ve also put part of our roadmap onto our issues tracker. By the end of Beta, we hope to have a stable and scalable platform that covers common mail use cases.

Last thing: Send us your feedback! If anything looked wrong or confused you, don’t hesitate to shoot us an email at contact@purelymail.com. It’s our fault, not yours.